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Pakistani news channel claims Donald Trump was born in Pakistan as Dawood Ibrahim Khan

15 Novembre 2016 , Rédigé par S. Sellami

A Pakistani news channel has ran a story stating Donald Trump was actually born in Pakistan and his real name is Dawood Ibrahim Khan.


The Neo News anchor maintained a confident tone and a straight face as she told the millions of people who watch the show that the President-elect was born as Dawood Ibrahim Khan in Waziristan in 1954 where he also received his primary education.

She also claimed that he later lost his parents in a road accident later and was taken to London by a British Indian Army Captain.

They finally claim that Trump was adopted in 1955 and taken to America.

The channel also found a photo of a child they claim to be a younger Donald Trump.

Although the channel said that it was not them that came up with the story but social media users, it has still left people in disbelief and angry at how a reputable news outlet could report such baseless stories as fact.




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